Circus of Horrors

Happy hump day folks! DBranded can’t think of any better way to celebrate making it halfway through the week than by going along to see The Circus of Horrors performing this evening at St. David’s Hall in Cardiff.


The Circus of Horrors is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year after it’s debut show in Glastonbury in 1995. However, it has more recently become a household name since making an appearance on Britain’s Got Talent. The show is now halfway through the 2015 tour so tonight it’s opening in Cardiff.


DBranded is expecting acrobatics, sword swallowing, knife throwing, daredevil balancing acts and much more. There may even be some nudity and bad language too!

If you would like to find out more information about the Circus of Horrors you can visit the website here.

For anyone who might be interested in joining the circus, they are looking for artistes, limboing acrobats, singers, musicians and other bizarre and freaky acts. If you think they might be interested in what you can do then send them a copy of your C.V or a You tube clip of your act to:

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